Thursday, January 24, 2013

Starting the Journey

People tell me all the time that I should be blogging about my weight loss journey. Well, 16 months and 115 pounds lost, maybe it's time I started writing some of this stuff down!

I wanna get something on record, those of you who know me, and I mean really know me, know that I am not the kind of person to put my self out there for public consumption. I am more of a suffer in silence, celebrate in silence kinda girl. But something in me has changed on this little road trip of mine and I guess I could share it with the world...or at least the three people who may accidentally find this post!

In September of 2011, I decided to re-join Weight Watchers. I was seriously overweight and had all sorts of health issues, including high blood pressure, sleep disorders, mild sleep apnea, swollen joints, plantar fasciitis and a whole host of other problems. Not to mention, I was staring down the barrel of the big 4-0! My family and friends were worried about me and worried that, while I may turn 40, if I kept getting heavier, I wouldn't make it much past 40. So, a few of my family members staged an intervention. Shortly thereafter, I was sitting in a WW meeting.

Since Weight Watchers had worked so well for me the first time (insert sarcastic tone here!), I was a little apprehensive about being successful. But I learned something this time, having the right mindset is another important tool to keep in your arsenal. The first week was tough, after all, the very next day after my first meeting, I had a double baby shower to attend. I often wondered if I had set myself up for failure, but I couldn't dwell on it too much. When I went for my first weigh-in, I'd lost 5 lbs! It was then I had realized I had set my self up for success, not failure!

Since this is just kinda the over view, I think I will stop there for now, but I will say this...I bet the two of you who are still reading this ('cause I'm sure I lost one of you by now!!) are wondering why I chose to call this blog Road Trip. Well, this is why: Every year, I drive to Atlanta to see my friends and every year I know that I have an eight hour trip ahead of me. I enjoy this drive, otherwise, why wouldn't I just fly, but more than that, I enjoy the feeling of accomplishment in getting to my final destination. Knowing that I make sacrifices like getting up at stupid-thirty, I mean 2:30 AM, to get on the road means that I can take my time and still get to the ATL with almost a full day to spare. I also know that on this road trip, I have to stop and stretch or get food and gas (I'm sure there is a fast food joke here somewhere!) or just take a little break. But I know that I can't take too long at these little stops. The road is long, but the trip is worth it. This weight loss journey is not so very different. There are times when I would much rather have that extra drink, a piece of cake or even some pizza. Those are my pit stops along the way. If I don't stop and indulge myself with those things every so often, I will completely derail my end game and end up in Kalamazoo rather than Atlanta. So, the moral of the story is, stop and smell the roses, but get your ass back in the car if you wanna get where you're going!

Throughout my little posts here, I hope to entertain and inspire any one who reads them. And if I bore you, well, I guess there's always funny cats to look at elsewhere on the Internet!