Friday, February 7, 2014

Driving a Convertible

So, now that I am less than a mile from my destination, it's just dawned on me that I am driving a convertible now. While I may have started in an armored tank with no windows, I am now in a top-down, wind-in-my-hair convertible. So, in the beginning, I was closed up to the world and not willing to talk about me or my situation. Now, however, people approach me all the time and ask questions and want to talk to me about the success I have had over the last 2+ years. What is even more surprising is my willingness to answer the questions and the excitement that I feel when I discuss my journey. Just yesterday, I was interviewed by a local news station so that I could tell my story and help encourage others to start their own journey. It is amazing to think that I have not only physically transformed, but have emotionally transformed as well.
The thing about changing from a tank to convertible during the road trip is significant because proves just how far I have come in this trek. It's not about a flashing neon sign that says "look at me, look at how wonderful I am", but rather "look at what I have accomplished. If I can do it, so can you." If sharing my story entertains, encourages or otherwise enlightens someone, than I will consider my mission a success. I started losing weight to be healthy and now I do what I do because it's fun (yes, Bonnie and April, aliens have indeed snatched me from above). I started this blog because I needed an outlet for the emotions I was feeling, now I do it because it's fun.
Being in self-preservation mode—riding around in a tank—did keep people from peering in at me, but it also prevented me from looking out at the world. Now that I've got the top down and cruise control set to my destination, I am able to see the beauty that is out in the world. It's really a shame that I didn't allow myself the opportunity to take-in my surroundings, but it's never too late to start enjoying life. What good is it to be young if you aren't experiencing anything life truly has to offer? On the flip side, who cares how long you've been on this planet as long as you are enjoying every second you are alive?

As I mentioned, I am nearly at the end of this odyssey. Of course, with any long road trip, you eventually have to get off the expressway and on to the side roads. That not only signifies that you have to slow down, but it also means that you've almost made it. Me, I know that I've almost made it and I can't wait to get out and stretch my legs a bit. I also can't wait to see where my next adventure is going to take me.